Biscuit Tin Steam Engine. Part 6.

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Tony Bird

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Feb 20, 2011
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Cardiff, South Wales, UK

Well, from the parts in the biscuit tin we have an engine that runs reasonable well. There are still a few original parts not used, the reversing valve, the ‘T’ pipe connector and the mystery part. It was intended to try and incorporate all these parts in the model and add a few bits of my own.

It had taken me until now to realise what the mystery part was. (P.049).

049 BTE Mystery parts..JPG

It was a water feed pump that was actuated by the eccentric on the engines axle. (P.050).

050 BTE Pump.JPG

The pump isn’t a very good design as the return spring exerted load on the pumping stroke of the pump, but it was original and would be used. All the parts were interference fits, so just pushed together a bit like the trunnion rods on the cylinders. It was decided to use the pump body and the ram cylinder as well as the spring and the ram assembly, discarding the rest. The body of the pump was drilled though to accommodate a different valve system and the ram cylinder was hard soldered to the body. (P.051).

051 BTE Modified pump..JPG

The usual stand was made to hold the pump to the engines base plate. This finished the work on the pump until a later date. (052).

052 BTE Modified pump fitted..JPG

Before starting on new work on the engine the other steam pipes are fitted to the engines port blocks, these pipes need to be bent and a homemade pipe bender was used. This design of pipe bender works well but will only accommodate one pipe size and produce a fixed radius. But they are quick and easy to make. (P.053).

053 BTE Pipe jig..JPG

The pipe bender in use. (P.054).

054 BTE Pipe jig in use..JPG

The steam pipes were test fitted to the engines port blocks. (P.054)

055 BTE Pipes test fitted..JPG

To be continued….