Biscuit Tin Steam Engine. Part 10.

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Tony Bird

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Feb 20, 2011
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Cardiff, South Wales, UK

As can be seen in the last photograph of the previous post a start had been made on fitting the reversing valve. Which when found looked like this. (P.082).
082 BTE Reversing valve..JPG

It had been taken apart and cleaned at the beginning of this project. (P.083).

083 BTE Reversing valve cleaned..JPG

To be able to fit the reversing valve to the engine base plate a shoulder was turned on the valve body which was hard soldered into a brass plate bored to accommodate it. (P.084).

084 BTE fitted to plate.JPG

The operating arm of the valve was shortened and two stops were fitted in the valve body. (P.085).

085 BTE Valve arm shortened and stops fitted.jpg

Some commercially made spacers were used to attach the valve to the engine base plate. (P.086).

086 BTE Columns fitted.JPG

An extension operating spindle was fitted to the valve. (P.087).

087 BTE Extension rod fitted.JPG

A photograph of the valve now with a hand wheel attached, fitted to the engine base plate. (P.088).

088 BTE Valve fitted to base plate.JPG

To improve the appearance of the reversing valve spindle, a cover was made. (P.089).

089 BTE Hand turning shaft cover.JPG

The completed valve fitted in place on the engine base plate. (P.090).

090 BTE Reversing valve finished.JPG

To be continued……

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