Biscuit Tin Steam Engine. Part 9.

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Tony Bird

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Feb 20, 2011
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Cardiff, South Wales, UK

As promised in the previous posting a short video of the water pump in operation. The pump works quite well and is self-priming. It would probably work a little better if the pump ram went into the space between the two valves. Possibly at a later date a new longer ram might be tried. (P.073)

073 BTE Testing pump.JPG

With the water pump finished a means of getting the water into and out of the engines wooden base was needed. A mild steel jig was made to drill the holes in the wooden base. Photograph shows the jig being used to drill holes through the wooden base. (P.074).

074 BTE Drilling jig in use.JPG

Photograph, using the same jig as a filing jig for the brass plates that will hold the copper tubes that will go through the wooden base. (P.075).

075 BTE As filing jig.JPG

The jig being used as a guide for the holes being drilled through the brass plates made. (P.076).

076 BTE As drilling jig.JPG

A photograph of the finished brass plates ready for tubes to be fitted. (P. 077).

077 BTE Union plates..JPG

The thread tube for connecting a union to and a copper pipe ready for hard soldering to the brass plate. (P.078).

078 BTE Pipe and union.JPG

The tubes and brass plate hard soldered together. (P.079).

079 BTE Unions soldered to plate..JPG

The two finished plates and fittings. (P.080).

080 BTE Finished.JPG

The pump water pipes connected using silicon tubes. Note a start has been made on fitting the reversing valve; this will be covered in the next exciting instalment of the Biscuit Tin Engine. (P.081)

081 BTE Connected to pump.JPG

To be continued….

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