Biscuit Tin Steam Engine. Part 12.

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Tony Bird

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Feb 20, 2011
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Cardiff, South Wales, UK

Continuing, the description of the construction of the displacement lubricator made for the Biscuit Tin Steam Engine.

A top plug was made for the lubricator which had a recess turned in it for an ‘0’ ring and was threaded for a screw cover. (P.111).

111 BTE Recess in top..JPG

The top plug fitted in the lubricator body. (P.112)

112 BTE Top soldered in place..JPG

The Biscuit Tin Engine inverted with the completed lubricator body fitted to the engine base plate. (P.113).

113 BTE Inverted supports..JPG

An ‘0’ ring was fitted into a recess turned in the screw lubricator cover. (P.114).

114 BTE Screw.JPG

To remove the lubricator cover from the body cover a hexagonal section was soldered to it. (P.115).

115 BTE Spanner will be used to remove screw..JPG

To make the lubricator look like a valve a hand wheel was fitted. (P.116).

116 BTE Lubricator finished..JPG