BAEM Engine Show GoodGuys August Calif.

Discussion in 'Shows and Events' started by propclock, Jul 24, 2019.

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    Bay Area Engine Modelers show
    The BAEM club will have it's annual show this year at the Good Guys
    hot rod show August 22,23,24,25. It is located in Pleasanton Calife there.
    There is a LOT of space available so this is my invitation to all that would
    like to show their creations. We usually set up on Thursday and show Fri,Sat Sun.
    Our gems are watched by guards at night ,So only 1 drop off and later pick up.
    We are given free tickets and a large air conditioned, building.
    The downside is the fire martial makes us run I.C. engines outside.
    We set up pop up shade units. Due to aging of our members, and the outdoors
    requirement the number of members attending will be small. ~10-15.
    But I will be there with My new red blown Black widow V8 + +++++other engines
    I have ~tables worth of engines, and will also have some of Dwight Giles engines to show.
    Please join us! Steam Stirling, anything mechanical, 3d printing etc.
    If interested contact me Paul Denham

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