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lee webster

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Oct 4, 2019
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Cornwall UK
I have found the adverts on this site getting more and more intrusive. It's doubtful that the owner of the site will get rid of something that earns money, and I can't live with them. From now on I won't use the site.
That earned money is what partly pays for the owners costs in running the site. Having recently looked into the costs of running a similar forum it is not cheap and the money has to come from somewhere. The initial backer of the site I was looking at had to pull out so it was not viable and there was always the issue that when he stopped paying how would the site continue.

Other "free" sites may be run on servers where the owner has access to them through buisness, piggy backed onto other sites they run which cover the costs of server and software or run by a commercial company such as ME forum.
The cost of hosting a forum is going up fast like everything else, and the more members, and the more total data you have, the higher the price.

You pay significant money to get good performance out of a server.

And then someone has to deal with everything associated with setting up, running/maintaining not only the hosting services, but the software, software updates, spammers, trolls, etc.
It is a lot to deal with, trust me on that, and a lot of out-of-pocket expenses on top of time spent.

The time/money has to be compensated for.
There is no free lunch.

I contribute money to this site (Supporting Member) because I know how time consuming and expensive it can be to operate a forum like this.

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LOL! Thank you Shelton for pointing that out! Transformed my whole view of the forum to a better direction. The advert at the bottom of the page was pretty annoying, but didn't even come to my mind that I could actually disable it.
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