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Hi Pete,

I've just finished reading this thread so far over the last couple days. All I can say is Wow! Your work is truly inspiring. And, I've learned a lot of cool things along the way. Thanks for sharing this. I can't wait to see how she turns out. :thumbup:

That's really great of you to say !! I'm not sure how I am wowing you...I have seen your work and its amazing and the project of the month award is well deserved. I'm glad someone is getting something out of this because I have gotten so much out of this site I'd like to believe I am contributing something in return.
Thank you, Pete. This is a great forum. There are so many talented folks here that I'm learning from. :)
Looks like I am done painting! I had one screwup that set me back a little. I painted the hull and I wanted to expose the wood around the top edge of the deck and coat it with zpoxy to tie the wood of the inside to the outside. Well I didn't pay attention to the zpoxy while it cured and it dripped on to the paint on the outside of the hull. I guess when it heats up to cure it gets a bit thinner and can run easier for a little while. I had to sand the runs off which also messes up some of the paint. I have recovered from that mistake and now I can begin assembling the running gear. I have been kicking around ideas on how to secure the prop to its shaft. It threads on just fine and it can be tightened up good but I was worried that it may spin off the shaft when it runs in reverse and I don't want to have that happen. I didn't want to locktite it on because that seems too permanent so I drilled thru both the prop and the shaft and ran a couple of pieces of safety wire through the hole. That should hold it nicely and still allow for disassembly if needed. View attachment ImageUploadedByModel Engines1500846403.383966.jpg
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Your right I could resist any longer !
It's time for a float test ! Looks like it sits in the water about where it needs to be. I may take some lead out to adjust for the weight gain from all the epoxy and paint but for now it seems fine. The pictures show that a bit more touch up needs to happen with the paint. I need to come up with a name and have the trophy shop carve out a couple of name plates for either side of the bow. Not much left to do. I need to finish up my Goodall fill valve and carve the captains head. He needs a tiller to hold onto and maybe a lever for the throttle.
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Fantastic Pete! She looks like a seaworthy craft ready to take on everything from a coastal run to a pleasant Sunday cruise along the James River!
Thanks guys ! It was really fun to see it in water even if it's just in the tub. It looks better than I expected it would !!
Yep novice doesn't fit anymore but someone just winging it as I go still applies. This site and all who post information on it made this possible. When I don't know how to do something all I have to do is search and someone here has taken the time to show how to get it done. Best part of it is that no one is treated like an idiot, everyone has a great helpful attitude !! I wish I could thank everyone individually ! I bought the little mill and lathe barely knowing what they were because a guy at work pushed me to and here I am years later having lots of fun with them still due to guys like you !!!!
Pete, I think you going to need a bigger pond:), Sits about right and looks absolutely gorgeous on the water.

Thanks! Looks like the soup can testing with the foam mockup was right, it sits about where I hoped it would. It's surprising what water will lift, that little boat is 11lbs and it seems to heavy for its size.
Pete, what are you using for lagging on your pipes? It looks like some sort of cotton string.
It's two layers of100% cotton yarn from Walmart. I don't know how much it helps hold the heat in the pipe but it's worth it just to save my skin when I bump a pipe. From what I have been told if the yarn gets wet it acts as a heat sink instead of an insulator. I have heard of guys soaking it with superglue or painting it to waterproof the cotton but then the insulating properties are ruined. If I need to do something different I am going to try splitting silicon fuel tube and place it on the pipe first followed by a cotton wrap to hold it in place and look better than the fuel tube.
Thanks, Pete. I think the fuel tube might be a good idea. It does look nice with the cotton wrap.
Fuel tube with a cotton winding around it would be the best of both I think. Good insulation and good looks. I haven't done it to see the results in real life but it looks good in my head.
I have a way to fill the boiler now. I did a bit of looking around for ways to fill the boiler manually and came across the Goodall valve. I wanted a positive lock on the filling tube that didn't require me to hold pressure on the tube while filling the boiler. That would work fine on something stationary or even a vehicle that is on the ground but pressing on a boiler in a boat seems like it would sink it or require more hands than I have. I made mine with two screws turned down at the ends to form pins. These pins catch a groove on the fill tube fitting. That groove has two detents that catch the pins when the fitting is turned 1/4 turn. There is an o-ring that is compressed slightly when the fill tube is engaged to the Goodall valve. It works fine with no pressure in the boiler and soon I should be able to test it with pressure. If I get the axle pump setup correctly I hope to not have to top off the boiler while running the boat. I doubt this explanation makes any sense so here's hoping the pictures help.
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Ok, I put out an ad for someone brave enough to take an unproven boat out to sea, I mean pond, and put it through its paces. This is who showed up. He said he came from an old closet clothes poll and wanted to get his own boat. He isn't a looker but what do you expect for my first carving !
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