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That's the way to do it - sit and do nothing until boredom forces inspiration to strike. But there are things which make boredom leak away before it has built up enough pressure to make anything happen - like a crankcase leak in a two-stroke. I never was much into TV, but the internet is a terrible waster of boredom. So I need to get off it and feel the boredom pressure rise :)
Today we have a blizzard going on outside, and I wanted to add a throttle control to my twin cylinder engine. So, almost a full day later, I have added one of my Casey Jones throttle levers to it. The throttle lever has a couple of Belleville washers (spring washers) down at the pivot point, and they provide enough friction to hold the throttle arm in place. this way the engine doesn't get away on me and rev up to the point where it's screaming and I'm having a heart attack trying to hit the ignition kill switch.

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