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Jul 16, 2007
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Gentlemen, When Terry Mayhugh finished his version of the 300 inline six from my drawings and his modifications he was looking for a new project. Many of the fellows on the forum came up with ideas. He kind of settled on making a Ford 289/302 high performance engine. When I built my engine many years ago I never made formal drawings for it but rather a whole box full of sketches and scribbles. At that time I hadn't been schooled in CAD but at this point in my life I'm fairly proficient at it so I dug out all the information I had and started making models in Solidworks. Terry and I have been sharing information as he comes up with his own version of that engine. After many, many hours of deciphering my sketches I was finally able to produce models and print them out on my Creality CR-10 V-2. So far I have the block, heads, intake manifold, timing cover, water pump, bellhousing and oil pan. In most cases I tried to model the parts as close to the originals as possible but on the heads I made the porting much like it would be on a model. So here's some pictures of what I have created thus far.


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George, Your 3D printed model looks great. It seems it wasn't long ago you were asking what to do with your new 3D printer. You have done a great job. As you know most of the work is on the computer creating the models in CAD. What scale did you print it at? 1/3 like the model 302 you built?
No actually they're 1/4 scale. The block took 22 hours to print.
Nice! Look forward to the build. Will it be entirely bar stock?
(Ref first post). George already built it. And an amazing job (as usual) he did.
It will be Terry's build we will all be looking forward to.

Nice work. It's always stressful sitting by and hoping the printer does not screw up at the end of a print.
I hope my version doesn't disappoint. George's assistance has been invaluable during my summer effort to come up with a third scale 289 model that can be machined using practical size cutters on my Tormach. As you can see from George's museum quality work, the full-size castings contain an enormous amount of fine detail that would result in a very difficult to machine scaled-down project. In addition to learning a lot about SolidWorks, I've been running test compiles and simulations with my CAM software to come up with strategies for dealing with the limited resources of my CAM computer.

Although I need to make additional passes through my models to add internal cooling and oiling passages, the block, heads, cam, and crankshaft are compketed. I'm currently working on the intake manifold which is proving to the most difficult part of all. I plan to start a build thread in the fall when the Texas heat has subsided and our local power is a little more trustable.

Again thanks to George for his help without which I would have given up months ago. - Terry
Gentlemen, I've gone just about as far as I can go on this 3d printed engine without making all kinds of tiny parts. The whole basic engine is there, with starter and alternator. I printed up a base and supports which bolts the engines motor mount bosses. I have been neglecting some of my other work so I can put this thing away for now. I have the crankshaft and camshaft installed in the engine also.


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George, are plans going to be available for this?
If so put me on the list.
Awesome job George. Lots of hours there! I’m doing a Big block Chevy at the moment and can definitely relate.
What kind of modeling software are you using?
These 3D printed engines are really cool! I would like to make something like this for my brother. He has a '63 Chev SuperSport with a 409 engine ("four speed, dual-quad, positraction four-oh-nine") that he has owned since '69 or '70. Does anyone know where I could get detailed drawings of this engine?

It looks like you had a little problem with the print around part of what looks to be the plug openings? Any ideas what happened there?


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