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Hi Steve,
Being as they can't go to the trouble of putting out any information I have decided to go to the Indiana show next month.
The info has been on the website for a while now like normal.

The show thus year was a bit of a let down. Only seemed to be about 1/3rd of the exhibitors. Was the same day as the black hills show. I'm sure that didn't help. Maybe 25 tables. If not for the RC planes and model railroad exhibits the hanger would have looked empty.

The spectator side was about normal. The air plane and car show were pretty good.
Algonquin seemed to be larger last year, but it is not a model-engine-only show, but more of a hit-and-miss and steam tractor show..
It does have a number of model engines on display, but all outdoor under tents/canopies.

It will be interesting to see what happens to NAMES when they have another event.

NAMES is over. There won't be another one.
That is a bummer.
I had heard they would have a show in 2024, but apparently that has changed?

There are plenty of good venues still available out there.
I wish some of the larger shows were closer to my house.
Those 12 hour (+) drives one-way are tough.
Some shows are a lot further than that from me.

The Black Hills show was GREAT! The largest exhibitor turnout in many years. I was really please with the amount of people that drove so far to come to the show. It was good to see some old friends and faces. Looks like this show is turning out to be the big show of the west. Looking forward to 2024 already....


  • Black Hills Show 2023 pt 1.mp4
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  • Black Hills Show 2023 pt 2.mp4
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I must admit some frustration in hearing the Zanesville show happened. There were no notices saying it's coming, up whose going. A search online got me last year's poster, nothing related to this year. I thought it went away like NAMES.

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