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I use a free app, called TinyWall. It's a free fire wall application that will stop all the telemetry that Win10/Win11 sends back to Microsoft. It blocks the windows access to the internet. You have to enable it for the programs you want to use. On my win10 desktops, I block Edge access, as I'm a FireFox browser user. It stops all the override updates of Win10. You can temporarily disable it for updates when wanted.
You do manually enable it for the programs you want to enable internet access too.
I can't help you with getting back to win10, as my machines don't support win11, and my next OS will be some version of a window type Linux.
My issue is privacy with any future MS OS always sending personal data back to them, as well the game of them forcing cloud use, or encrypting your local data.
WOW! That's exactly what I need. Thank you
I'm a big believer in this program. I use tax programs that I purchase from either Intuit or H&R Block. Both of these will upload all your personal tax data. I never efile all that data is put on their server. If you read their privacy agreement, they keep all the data including your SSN. So I put the last years pdf of my tax forms on a thumb drive. If you don't the program will search through your hard drives looking for the latest files that resemble 1040 tax forms, and auto suck them in. So remove all previous years data from the machine's drives. I download the program that I purchased, and then disable tinywall, then after the update re-enable normal protection. Then suck the data in to prefill in the current year. Save the new 1040 forms on the thumb drive. When I check for updates, I close my form, remove the thumb drive, enable the internet, let the program update. Yes a pain, but appears that data breaches in the past have been insider theft of customer data. I paper file, and get the refund quick enough.
Another useful program to download that's free is Everything. It enables finding files by typing in the partial name. I have 3 active drives on my PC, the SSD, and two HDD. You just need to make sure you save a file name with keywords that you can remember.
I used this program to verify that those tax programs didn't write some odd file with my data on it.
I just watched a video of win11 integrating AI, with the intent of producing adverts customized for what you search for. That TinyWall will break their ability to do this.
The issue you may have when you do the windows help, is it can't access the internet. But I use firefox and duckduckgo to search for solutions. I don't like Edge, which you can't uninstall.
Well, I'm on the second Windows 11 update. I would like to get back to 10.
I have one laptop updated to 11 to other came with 11.
It will update a lot. Microsoft is trying keep up with viruses. Windows 10 is not as good.
I do have tower on windows 10 but it is not on the internet.

Was your computer designed to take windows 11?


FYI Windows 11 updates a lot keeping with viruses
Have you used this feature? If so;

#1: Did you experience any problems;

#2: Can you go back more than just the last update?
Do you know Windows 11 updates takes at times over hour or more and may need more than one restart.
This to keep your computer safe.

tinywall special exceptionstab  in the settings.jpg
Do you know Windows 11 updates takes at times over hour or more and may need more than one restart.
This to keep your computer safe.

You can do separate updates to the virus protection if you do use the one with the OS. I think that's called windows defender or security essentials, I use that on my win7 and win10 PCs. And on win10 I found I can enable just that win app in tinywall to let through the update.
Note that I inhibit remote assistance and the remote desktop, it's a easy way for hackers to get into my computer. But note the Windows Defender is checked, this is on my win7 computer I'm sending this forum post from.
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I have two Lenovo computers, both came with windows 10, one is all-in-one desktop, the other a laptop Both have updated to windows 11, and are working fine.
I do not the computer hard drive but back the data.
I would reinstall Windows at this point.

The two computers I have are both for windows 11.
The other one on windows 10 was built for windows 10.


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