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So far not done a darn thing LOL it’s a whole nothing temp wise 0 deg f going down to -12 deg f tonight . I don’t intend to even open door unless Amazon delivers . I tried the powdered eggs yesterday. ……. It took a little adjusting the mix but I finally got some yellow chunks that tasted kinda like scrambled eggs . I YHINK I’ll try again today. It only took about a minute in the micro wave. My little whip mixer must have got caught in drawer as it was useless. I needed something so put a long Allen wrench in the cordless drill worked great. I have two waffles left so I’ll warm then up I think I’ll try crushed cashews and cinnamon today almost lunch time so maybe some hot soup would be good . My sister went up to to watch the great dog sled race start . It’s already well below 0 deg f up at intl falls minn. dogs wear booties she said there are lots of vets there that check all dogs quite often lots of people in own.
Well I managed to prybar myself out of the house and down to the shed.

I recently acquired a router, just so I could make bases for engines. Well, one thing led to another and now I own a planer and table saw as well, and I decided that dammit surely I can make wood things?

So I bought this little chest from Grizzly years ago. I like it, it's just a simple laminate mdf chest, but it works well.

IMG_0731 (Medium).JPG

I wanted another one but grizzly discontinued them yonks ago. Unobtanium. But I can probably make one, right? I'm having a go anyway. Today I planed down some rough cut oak pieces.

IMG_0730 (Medium).JPG

And honestly, so far so good, but I absolutely was not prepared for the amount of sawdust this was to generate.

I've got it cleaned up now. Maybe tomorrow I can cut these up and see about making the various joint features. I dunno. It's been a while - 34 years or so - since I did any real woodwork.
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In short, I don't trust anything my government claims, they too often are in the pocket of corporations theat have too much to lose.
Let's not let political fights destroy this group, please halt this discussion, it is out of bounds
Prop-forward. (Which code? I have followed Rugby League for 60 years, and sometimes have a good sleep when Rugby union - "Yawnion" - is on TV).
I have made 8 ft of bench and shelving in my new greenhouse. Need more wood to finish the last 4 ft. But my simple joinery is not good nor clever. A Tenon saw (re-sharpened - it works better), a hand-held battery screwdriver (Easier with Athur-writus) a square and a tape measure are all I needed. And an understanding of Cos and Sine of 60degrees helped make it fit the Hexagonal greenhouse. It will hold plant pots, seed trays and stuff. Ready for the Spring now!
Well as to code - the one you don't like, although I did actively follow the university Rugby League team during my time there oh-so-long ago, and what a great time that was.

For benches, I make mine in a very utilitarian way, and same kind of approach as yours to be honest. No fancy woodworking joints. It was all straight cuts with a handsaw, screwed together using a cordless drill. All 2 X 6, 2 x 2 and 4 x 4 members with mdf tops. Not fancy looking but very strong, and straight and level. 👍

This little toolbox project is a bit of a diversion to see if I can do it - for the fun of it. 😁
It nothing again outside 0 deg f not going outside today . I’ll do some floor exercises I need to get some new excercises I can do in bed or sit til in my chair. . I can do brain exercises well enough but physical stuff seems like it’s more work than needs to be LOL
I decided to walk up and get mail . Bad deal cops with flashing blue lights were st neighbor home There have been shouting matches over parking before with snow this year snd ice I was not sure it was a good idea to keep going I decided to slip be teen cars and get out of there as fast as possible I can t move very fast with cane and ice but it felt like running a touch down ball 🏈

No shots fired got home safely
I replaced the garage door opener Friday. The old one (screw-type) still has some life in it but it was getting noisy. Rather than throw it out. today I installed it on the garage-type door of the shop. That door gets opened, I would estimate, less than ten times a year so the opener should have an easy time for its remaining life. The door has obvious signs of having had an electric opener in the past; we are the third owners of the house and shop and the previous owner never used the shop. So, apparently the original builder/owner (a pattern maker for NASA) took the opener when he sold the place.
Did some painting and squirrel proofing (resisting?) outside yesterday, we had a lovely 62 degree day. Scaffolding still reminds me of the old monkey bars in the school recess yard, but they aren't as much fun at 64 years old with a tweaked sciatic nerve.

Painted some cabinet frames and doors today. This batch of cabinets is mounted over my 3D printers, so I've printed a few Star Wars Trooper helmets as door pulls. 2 done, 2 to print. Once printed, they get primed, painted in gloss white, then I'll paint in the black details with a fine point brush. Yes, plain hardware store knobs would be more practical, certainly cheaper if I still put more value on my time than my fun, and would have it all done in just a few minutes. Then again, where's the sense of fun in knobs just like everyone else has on their shop cabinets? :) Prusa's site printables.com has a number of other interesting knobs and pulls should anyone want something a bit different, the filament spool knobs are a neat three part print, might do a few if the Star Wars trooper helmet knobs get boring down the road.

Best to all!
First thing in the morning here.
Yesterday I came off scout camp at the site just north of here, to get to church for the service.
Our club track is out of service (water leak under the platform) so no chance of running today, so left the engines in the workshop / shed.
Out all evening at the University for evening service, then home.
The grand plan (such as it is) for today is to turn up an extension For the operating knob on my wife's Maxitrak Ruston - her Christmas present - to make driving it easier.

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