Westbury 10cc Seagull from grabcad

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Apr 27, 2024
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Prescott Valley AZ
The 10cc Seagull is going to be my first build. I've been reading the castings are not the best and since I can machine them from the solid model I went looking for one. Found this one on Grabcad and down loaded it. Looks great but who knows. The guy may have dreamed up a lot of it so I will get the plans and double check everything. I will get them from Hemingway unless someone has a set available?
Hi, Sorry for the delay in replying. [Covid]
If you are still looking at the SeaGull plans I can post them to you. I have not built the SeaGull, have recently completed Westburys 'Wallaby" . Machined from the solid, no cnc.
Looking at the Seagull its very much like the Wallaby but overhead valve gear. The layout and concept is typical Wesbury.

IF you are happy I will post the plans to you. No cost. let me know.
All the best in your build.



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