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Aug 6, 2012
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Hi Mark,

Thanks for the expert safety advice.Was thinking of buying(more of collectiing a "want") a Dremel to cut off some mini screws. Will stay with junior hacksaw. Looking at buying a small band saw. My energy free hack saw is too tiring for a 69 year old man other than good exercise.
Please advise source of good junior hacksaw blades. Even "Eclipse" is made in China. At best ,its best junk. For the hack saw,I use Nicholson which last and last.
I think Dremels are a wonderful addition to any workshop incredibly versatile and can be adapted to become any number of mini machines. Mini drill press, toolpost grinder, router, mini table saw and loads of other applications. In fact I like 'em so much I've now got 3 of 'em. And with a diamond bit in one (which surprisingly are quite cheap) will cut almost anything. Very useful for brazed carbide tools

Just don't underestimate them. They can bite you just like any other power tool not as hard perhaps but very fast.

I wouldn't mind a little bandsaw (or a scroll saw) myself It's much easier (and accurate) to be able to guide the work across the saw rather than Vice Versa.

I share your views about junior saw blades but I didn't know about the Eclipse thing. They were considered the Rolls Royce of hacksaw blades at one time. Sign of the times I guess.

I'm using Stanley ones at the moment at least they will actually cut steel without stripping the teeth off in seconds. The end pins that hold them in the frame fall out now and then but that's always been a design flaw with junior hacksaws not necessarily a fault of the blade itself.

Regards Mark

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