Arnold building the "Little Blazer"

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Thanks, and it's a pleasure Bill :) - This build went much quicker and smoother than I thought it would!
Kind Regards, Arnold
Great little motor, your work rate is prodigous - not to mention all the effort you put into documenting is all for everyone else's benefit.

Got to build me one of those babies sooner or later - mostly because its such a curious engine.

Much appreciated.

Ken (Cape Town)
Thanks Ken :)

Go for it; it's a fun build and very entertaining to run. I think I've gone through about 2l of spirits (meths) running it so far just showing it off ;D

Cape Town ? - dang; lucky you; NFM is in town! I was hoping to pop down to the Cape early in the new year, but it looks like I won't be able to make it.
It's good to see the South Africans coming on board Thm: - at least three members from the Cape Province and one from Gauteng now on HMEM that I'm aware of ;D

Kind regards, Arnold

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