The Moriya Story -- short form !

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Thanks Jim. Yes I too have a box of SS tube from smaller garden lights, about 5/8 and 3/4" OD, put away for a rainy day/smaller Stirling engine. I had to search a bit to find the bigger light, but there it was! And thanks for the answers to my questions. The 2" square aluminium bar has arrived so will be starting machining fins tomorrow. Making enlarged workshop copies of all the drawings today.

I am a thousand miles north of Brisbane, outside Cairns, so it does get a bit warm up here in the North. Fans are an essential of life for six months of the year or more. So plenty of opportunity to impress my visitors with a running Moriya on the table for cooling.

I spent this last (northern) summer not too far from you in Missoula, Montana, and it was warm enough there through July and August -- 100F on some days. Unheard of when I went to college there 35 years ago and stayed on for a few extra years. Not what I was expecting at all. Definitely Moriya weather!

Cheers mate

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