My take on Moriya(ish) Stirling engine

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Nikhil Bhale

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Nov 15, 2019
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Vidharba, India
I completed my first Stirling engine and was able to run it.
I have taken the idea from Moriya hot air engine but didn't follow the plans.
Both cylinder stroke and bore are similar but not exact as Moriya.
Also I used a scotch yoke mechanism for displacer cylinder.
Power cylinder is cast iron (reclaimed valve guides from a marine engine).
Power piston is graphite.
Displacer hot end is SS tube with brass end cap.
Displacer cold end is aluminium, displacer rod seal is graphite.
Displacer is aluminium body from a flashlight.
Transfer tube is fuel tube from a motorcycle.
Flywheel is a 3 inch globe valve wheel.

Still needs to do plenty of things before I can say its 100% complete.
It needs lot of heat to run, I am thinking of putting in ball bearings for crank shaft.
Crankshaft support pillars needs shortening or a complete new design.
All the bolts need to be cut at proper length.
Will try to replace the flywheel with a proper fan, or at least colour it.
It needs a heat shield under the engine.

Displacer made from flashlight body.

Here is a short clip of its first run. Now I can definitely say that my machining skills are improving.



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