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  1. TinkerJim

    The Moriya Story #4 - Stoppage Vent for the Major

    I usually run Moriya Major around 500 rpm. At that speed she yields a nice steady quiet movement of air from one end of my 20' long workbench to the other. Every hour or so, a drop of oil is applied to the piston and on the displacer rod. For this, the engine should be brought to a...
  2. TinkerJim

    The Moriya Story -- short form !

    I saw mention of the name "Moriya" on the forum, so I thought it might be a good time to bring her story up to date. The 10" fan we named Moriya, originated in my workshop in the early 1970's - yes, some 50 years ago. Plans were subsequently published in Live Steam Magazine (Dec 1974-Feb 1975)...