The Moriya Story--in the beginning

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Mar 1, 2021
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Spring Valley WI
The earlier offering of the "The Moriya Story--short form" in this Forum outlined the succession of Moriya II from Moriya Major and that from the original 10" Moriya fan.

l 1694207852632.png. ] Moriya Major.png Moriya II.png

But before all this, there was a mini model fan that inspired the first Moriya. This little baby fan never got a proper name, but was simply referred to as "A Small Hot Air Fan" and was described, with plans, in Model Engineer of October 1973. It indeed was small: the engine had a 3/8" diameter power piston with a 1/2" stroke. The displacer was 1/2" dia. with the same stroke. The little guy could turn its 5" fan at 900 rpm and gave an amusing whiff of air across the desktop. But not enough for any sort of serious cooling effect on a hot day. So as the initial fascination with the little model waned, thinking turned to making something bigger that could give some real comfort to its builder. That is when Moriya was conceived.

Mini Fan 1 png.png Mini Fan 2 png.png

Since the engine configuration of baby Moriya suited its application to a fan, it was decided to simply double its dimensions and see how it turned out. So except for size, both engines have the same overall appearance

Mini Fan Drwg.png Mini Fan 3 .png

When it came to making the stand and fan guard for Moriya, a design more in character with that of the Kyko was conjured up. This style has been faithfully retained in Moriya Major and Moriya II.
Recently, a friend suggested making a 1/2 size version of Moriya . But that is what baby Moriya was! Except for the style of the stand. So I pulled the small guy from the junk box and set out making legs and fan for it in the style of its bigger offspring. I my minds eye, this looked like it would be a really cute preservation of the little guy. I had successfully made the legs looking just like its bigger siblings - only cuter. But then one day - oh no! - the engine slipped from my hands and clunked to the floor - concrete. A couple of its parts were badly bent and it its shaft was jammed tight. I did some first aid and got her running again, but she just wasn't the same anymore. I took that as a sign that it was time to put her to rest - and so her engine is somewhere in a box or drawer or worse - I don't know where exactly now - but it lives on in the pages of ME and the three larger versions she inspired.

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