The Eta15d diesel - a series of 5cc versions

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Project of the Month Winner!!!
Project of the Month Winner
Jan 30, 2011
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Hi Guys

Some of you may recall I posted some pics of my attempts to make 5cc versions of this well loved British model aircraft engine in my introductory post.

When setting out I had harboured thoughts that it would be nice to eventually cover all versions plus one 'special' and here, quite sometime later, owing to some distractions they are finally finished - I thought you might like to see some images of them ...

To recap, the Mks1 and 2...

The Mk3...

The 'Elite'...

The Elite Mk2...

The family shot...

...and the 'special' -the Stockton and Jehlik version.

Just in case you are wondering ;) yes they've all been run - heres the Elite Mk2 and the 15dMk3 on first test.


The prop is a wooden 12" x 5" and the pics are on the very first run with the comp backed off and a rich mixture - no RPM's were taken .

Well that's very nearly the end of the line - the original from the Mk3 onward could be fitted with a silencer hence those two projecting lugs at the top of the crankcases. The silencer is quite a complex affair consisting of eleven separate parts but I'd like to make just the one as an accessory.

As some of you will no doubt be aware the build of these has been described on the Model Engine Maker forum. I'd like to stress that that has no reflection on this forum save the similarity of the previous build on the Super Tigres which was. I felt that might be overkill and besides that there's simply not the time to post on both - all being well then the next project will hopefully be on here :) However I have another 'distraction' coming up so that may be a for while ;)

Thanks for looking - I hope these are of interest to you

Regards - Ramon
Beautiful work Ramon! I'm in awe of the amazing result and can understand why you'd be very pleased!

cheers, Ian
They would be very nice into my vitrine with my other modelengines. Yes , I have a great collection.
Very very nice work done.
Sweet engines ther Ramon.
Very well done they look fantastic.Thm:

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