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May 14, 2021
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Plasticity got a major update with xNurbs worth checking out if you want to make exhausts, boat hulls or other surfacing to complement standard modelers like Alibre. You can import a reference model from Alibre and as an example, design an exhaust from datum locations. Some may object to the free modeling workflow, but it's the way a lot of companies (even Apple) model nowadays using model based definition. A model of this type could be sent to a 3D print outfit to print in metal or plastic.

This demo is pretty neat.
Here's an interesting demo. I think the best part is being able to create surfaces without being a dialog math nerd. The lines don't all have to connect and you can click on what you want sharp or smooth for edges (G0, G1, G2). It's really only for people that use the loft command though. There are plenty of approximations and workarounds for castings or manifolds in standard CAD packages.

I see it similar to working with castings, where the model can be imported into a standard CAD package (Alibre) and bores, holes, etc can be precisely cut into it.