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Stirling engine fan for sale

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Dec 7, 2009
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Chennai (India)
Cost: $50 (Shipping free)
Now available in ebay: Buy in Ebay

Product run video:

Short info:
Fan blade count: 2
Engine start time: 30sec to minute (depends on flame size)
Material: Plastic PLA
Displacer cylinder and power piston: Borosilicate
Displacer piston: Stainless steel
Bearing: Open type
Color: Default white (If you have personal preference please specify)
Tubes: Silicone material
Measured rotational speed at medium flame: 400+ RPM (For smooth run try running at low flame)
Product type: Assembly required
Product dimension: 32cm in height and 20cm in width

Things included in your kit:
1. Glass Displacer cylinder and stainless steel displacer piston
2. Glass Power piston
3. Silicone tube, rubber cork
4. Bearings
5. Plastic supports
6. Reference manual that includes information on how stirling engine works, materials in your kit and their names, assembly instruction and tips and tricks.
7. Post sales product support

How your order will be processed? After payment confirmation the product will be manufactured, tested and shipped to you. Manufacturing process+testing will take around 3 days and then on 4th day the product will be shipped to you via India post (speed post). Tracking number will be shared with you.

Payment mode: I have activated paypal for business transaction. If you prefer other payment mode please specify.


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