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Sep 22, 2017
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Dungeness WA
I recently completed, except for painting, my Myers stove fan. It was a bit of a pain because of working with the castings and working around the Coleman cylinder dimensions. I had to order two Coleman Cylinders as the first was low quality and I broke it. The second, made in Germany, was much better. I did not use the following castings. The fan hub, the crankshaft round parts, and the links. I found them easier to make. Stainless was used for the crankshaft round parts. The brass hub and fan blades were sourced from a laser cutter and worked fine. The brass hub was easy to twist to pitch the blades.

The ends of the Cylinders were ground to make a small flat and true them up. Silicone O-Rings were used to make the seal. The four rods were spaced to allow a bit of compression on the O-Rings. A French Market Coffee can was the correct size, maybe a bit large in diameter, for the displacer piston.

Does it seem like it is running fast enough? It sure is quiet.


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