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Mar 5, 2015
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I've been browsing the drawings for Steve Hucks Demon V8 as well as the blower, which I have to say are very impressive and I'm sure I will have further questions down the line but this is more about the material selection, more specifically the aluminium. A great deal of the parts are listed as aluminium but I know you can get different grades and was wondering if there's 1 grade fit all or if you need different grades for the block compared to the rockers.
I made everything 6061 except the pistons. Those are 7075 but 6061 will be fine for pistons in a steel liner. 7075 is a little more size stable. If you use 7075 you can make the pistons .0015 smaller than the hole minimum. If 6061 go .002 smaller as they will likely grow more.

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