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For Sale South Bend 9 or 10K tooling

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Feb 12, 2009
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Clovis Ca
For sale tapper attachment I purchased this in 1971 new from South Bend used very little $500.00 plus boxing and shipping on Ebay cost Machinist Tools: South Bend 9 Taper Attachment | eBay

Follower Rest purchased new in 1984 for a 10K but covered to 9 south like new $250.00
They are both the same but just change the height and can covered back
American made Aloris AXA tool post with 5 holders $480.00 purchased new in 1984 fits both 9 and 10K can fit other lathes too.

Boxing 10.00 free if pickup
Plus cost of FedEx from 93612 Clovis California on Shaw and Peach

Plus Donation to this site too

OBO on lot
Note I steady rest too but not for sale till the lathe sells.

I would sell the lathe here but cost of shipping is great but on Craigslist $1,550 plus the cost of steady rest

note I am down sizing to a 7" lathe in case have move a lathe under 100 pounds.

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Sold on Facebook for $1,500
The buyer did not know of this group. He live in the Bay area Drove 3½ hours to pickup the lathe.
Very happy with the South Bend 9A.

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That is a nice lathe.

Far better than my old Grizzly.

Somebody scored on that deal.

It was very goid lathe .
I still have the Aloris tool post for next lathe and the tapper attachment I see fit on new lathe.

Down to
Steady Rest $175.00 plus shipping
Tapper attachment $300.00 plus shipping.

Shipping on different group it was $54.00 for flat rate box FedEx plus a donation to this group.
Note if pickup no shipping cost.

My new lathe is doing great the money goes for the hobby.