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South Bend Lathe, 9 X 31-1/2

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Jun 19, 2009
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Belfair, WA
A friend of my wife has a small South Bend Lathe for sale. it was her husbands who passed away a few years ago. While he was alive it was well maintained and he used it for a number of years. Since his passing, it has sat in storage (3+ years). it has surface rust on the handwheels and other non-important surfaces. The ways are pristine and show absolutely no wear. It has a rocker type tool post and a 3-Jaw, 4-Jaw and all the factory wrenches are present. It has a quick-change gearbox for threading. The rest of the tooling (steady rest) has gone missing. However, when found it will be sent to whoever buys it. She would like to get $850.00 USD for it and you pay the shipping if necessary. It is located in Belfair, WA. I can send pictures. It is also listed on Craigslist in the Seattle area.

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