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Wanted Silver Bullet Drawings

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Jul 13, 2021
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Carrollton, Georgia
I recently retired and when I moved to my "retirement dream" workshop I discovered that we lost my drawings for the Bob Shores Silver bullet I have been building. I have Bob's construction notes but we just can't find the 11 X 17 construction drawings themselves.

Could someone have their drawings photocopied for me. I'm happy to pay and this might need to be done at a copy shop, office supply etc who offers 11" X 17" copies. My local "Staples" for example and "Office Depot" does this.

I've tried to obtain these drawings unsuccessfully from whoever still operates Bob Shores Company. Bob passed away years ago. I send emails but just get no answers.
Sorry but that material is copyright and still for sale by the copyright holder so it cant be copied. I see the kits for many of the shores engines still offered on ebay. Maybe you can get in contact that way.

Hello I have an original kit with drawings and instructions and casting kit

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