Quick Change Tool Post for BV20 lathe

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Nov 22, 2020
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Merida, Yucatan, MExico
Hi everyone! I am green as I can be and I bought a Chinese BV20-BL Lathe. Tried with shims to set up the tools but its a hassle so I researched quick change toolposts. Since the BV20 has 8 inch swing, there are two sets that would fit it according to accusize: OXA for lathes from 5-8 inches and the AXA that is rated 6-12 I chose the latter. However
I just found out that It requires either a T slot or a huge bolt (1/2 inches). My lathe has a M10 bolt that goes up to 3/4 to the top of the tool post.
I can only see three solutions: remove the big bolt currently on the tool post and try to put a bushing with M10 threading that could latch to the existing bolt or replace that m10 bolt with a larger one and have a bushing on top of the tool holder nd then an M10 nut or simply return the AXA post and get an OXA. The thing is that the Axa came with a great deal of tool holders that I would have to get individually. Any suggestions?

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