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Nov 19, 2020
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Brad, Hunedoara, Romania
Hi, I am looking for plans/ideea for my first builds.
My targets for the moment are rather utilitary engines -though I'm not intending yet to use them in any project. They should be small capacity 4 stroke singles - side valves/ OHV and OHC, also have in mind a boxer twin of same type and maybe a V-twin. I'm looking for free plans. Already spotted ETW Whippet, Vega 30/ ETW Kiwi Mk2, Hawk 40/ Nemett Ne15S / Beko 2. For Ne15S or alike belt driven OHC I haven't found yet clear plans. They should be rather stock material builds as casting would be a steep start.
Please give me your opinion about models mentioned, ease of build, alternatives...

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