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Hi Gus, I think that Jan Ridders made some comments on his web site about getting flame lickers to run, I will have to have a look again. I don't have any other reading material about them.

Got back late this evening from the fishing trip, weather was sunny and 28 deg C, I managed to catch 2 rainbow trout, although small, all fish were catch and release. The only other fish caught was by one of my two friends that I went with, if he caught another one he could have had a sardine sandwich, it was that small. All up, we had a great day though, BBQ lunch with a beer and great company with nice scenery.


The most important part is having friends with you on a fishing trip and have a good time. Hooking up a big or small fish,plenty of fish and no fish will be a good topic . Last Saturday,we hooked up 10 Red Snappers at the very first spot. Just unbelievable. Yarns still spinning.

Took my mates a long time to realise whether Gus is a good or bad fishing guide,landing fish is just luck and skill. Never claimed to be a good guide. The "must have fish to take home'' are no longer coming and thats good. Bearing in mind,Gus provide the use of his boat and helming and diesel and they provide food and drinks.Lately with ''El Nino'' effect,and the dry spell and fish plenty.The Javelins come in 3 kg size.
Hi guys,

Thank you for all the comments, I was busy the last few days :(

Huh, so I really didn't think that flame eaters would be very critic to build, but now I'm going to take a step away from them - for now.

Which air powered engines would you recommend? I'm definitely taking them into consideration again ... sorry for my rapid changes of mind :wall:

Also is there a part you start with building like the cylinder or the fuel tank. Just an uncritic part to start with. Well the cylinder might not be uncritic :)

Good night from Germany

John, there are plenty of drawings available for simple air powered motors, basic wobblers are pretty simple and quick to build. It doesn't matter where you start, but if you decide to start on the base first, at least you have something to assemble your parts on to.


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