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Dec 12, 2008
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Started Feb2022, 1st startup 9/16/23. 1st good runs 9/18/23.
All manual machining although I do have DROs on my bench mill.
Wish to thank Steve Hucks for an assist on crank and Terry Mayhugh for some info.

Ron Osborn,aka ozzie46
That looks great and sounds great! Nice work. I understand the "wall of shame"; I have an "OOPS!" box for every project I do, which provide lessons for the future.
I am just curious, so how large of a model airplane would that be able to be mounted in and made flyable as a remote control plane?
Thank you. The plans state on them that the engine is not intended to mounted on a model airplane.
That being said it probably could be, but I would never put something in the air that I spent almost 2 years building. I flew RC so I know what happens to things that go up, they must come down and not always in one piece. As to size , I have no idea but the engine itself weighs in the 11 lbs. range so it would have to be rather large.

A masterpiece.
Congratulations !
Thanks Minh-thanh

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