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Apr 22, 2020
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Weirsdale, Florida
I have built a 90 degree twin engine with a splash lubrication system. The pistons have a single viton o-ring that works well.
My problem is the oil is thrown directly into the #1 cylinder and the o-ring can not handle it. In a very short time #1 cylinder is flooded with oil and stops firing. I have lowered the oil level in the engine to almost none and it does help but I am afraid the the rest of the engine is not getting enough lubrication.
I have done a search on this and other forums and there is very little information about oil rings.

Do you think that adding another o-ring toward the bottom of the piston would help?
Should it be cast iron instead of viton?
Or should it be placed toward the top of the piston just under the top o-ring?

Any ideas would be helpful.
I have had similar problems with one of my engines. I put oil windage trays in the crank case and made thin aluminum covers over the bottom of the cylinder bores with a slot just big enough for the rod to keep most of the oil from splashing up onto the cylinder walls. May not work if the piston protrudes from the cyl at bdc. Been told 2 0 rings wont work but some of the Chinese hit and miss models have 2 0 rings. Maybe drill a hole between the two 0 rings to prevent a pressure build up between the 0 rings

Biggest help was running a very low oil level. I think our models do OK with very little oil though it is worrisome. If I see a little oil coming up around the tappets I assume its OK. YRMV

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