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Jul 6, 2019
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Gulf of St. Lawrence
Hi all,
I live in the Gulf of St. Lawrence (on dry land on an island). I enjoy following engine construction projects and HMEM seems a great place to do it. Better to watch from the inside than standing outside looking in so I joined up. Currently I have been following jpdenver's Stuart Compound Build.

I admit that it is a lot easier to follow someone's build log than to actually do any work myself. There is a wealth of information to learn from people who come to this hobby from a wide variety of backgrounds...and of course watching can be a lot of fun!

I have a small and modest workshop in our house but it needs a good cleanup at the moment. That's a lot of work for a warm day and why I'm on the computer now instead.

I am fascinated by model boilers, steam engines, model boats, internal combustion engines and miniature turbojets. That last item was an interest since my childhood in the 1950's and it was my reason for finally getting a metal lathe when I was 40. Unfortunately I have never seen a model jet except in video nor have I done anything along that line. Now that small turbojets are an over-the-counter item I guess the allure has waned a little for me.

I appreciate scale internal combustion engines that others have made. There are some absolutely stunning examples which I could happily look at for hours. I enjoy the fine workmanship evident on everything from some the simplest model airplane engines to scale replicas of multi cylinder antique engines. However it is the operation of miniature marine and stationary live steam plants that is a most engaging procedure and which really holds my attention.;)

Best to everyone, John

Thanks Peter, I'll be a little slow during July and August as this is our (short) summer here so there is plenty going on outdoors these days. I am also trying to pick at a naphtha engine during spare moments but I am lazy so there should still be ample time to keep an eye out on the forum as well. All the best, John