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Feb 12, 2013
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Milford, MI
I am wanting to locate the 80 page booklet that used to go with the plans for the Nemett (Malcolm Stride) NE15S (Lynx). I interacted with Sarik and they only have the 15 page plans. Does anyone have a booklet that they would be willing to sell? Or do you know where I might find one?

Malcom did an 80 page booklet specifically about the Lynx, the Internal Combustion one is just a general book on the subject.

The 80 page booklet was very similar to the build series that was in Model Engineer but had a bit of extra text and images as well as the details he purposely left out of the magazine articles to make sure people bought his plans (Cam details)

If you have the plans which will include the cam details then the old mags will give you more r les what was in the booklet. The articles were also reproduced in one of the Model Engineer special editions, find that and you only need buy one old mag.