MAN Diesel engine from 1907 "DM 2 * 100"

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I am a difficult person to impress, but you have done it many times over with this project. I have also learned quit a bit from your posts and that's something you can't put a price on. Keep up the great work.
Took a few shots of it outside. The flash doesn't make that good pictures.
Also added two rocker arms (of 4), fence posts and steps for the ladder to the platform (2 steps missing).






Again, hot glued with quite some rejects, so don't complain about the crap. I have better parts I just don't want to ruin for this mockup.

even with all the shrinks and shorts it still looks good, maybe go ahead and put it together as a post apocolyps model?
And a Happy New Year to you too Nick, what a stunning achievement in 2012; if I had not been following the thread, I would not have believed that you started with
photographs and photogrammetry. And you have pushed casting to new levels.

If 2013 follows this pattern (sorry) it will be a great year.

Long time no read.

I'll leave for Karlsruhe (steam model fair and stationary engines) this week. So I have a schedule that is getting tighter every day. :)

But I tried the exhaust pipe again today.
Now I can select what types of holes I want in the tube. From cold runs or from core gassing.
Looks like I need to add venting holes. After breaking the mould, it looked very good. Then I saw little cracks. When I scratched with my fingernail, I broke through. Just a skin of aluminium and a hole behind it. Happened in three places. Surface also looked like there is a gassing problem.

Well, you'll hear more next week. Or maybe we see us in Karlsruhe.

Are there any updates for this build.

Currently not. I need a bit of a break from that (pushed quite hard for the fair in Karlsruhe).
So I made the accessories for the Deckel FP1 model (done), cleaned that Stirling (done), bought a used wheldresser (an Optidress) that I repaired (done) but have to mount to my T&C grinder (not yet) to make grinding special tooling easier.
Also will have to make castings that I was asked for (this week), ...

But don't worry! I made the Deckel patterns with the background of trying techniques for turning and milling tiny parts.

I'll also have to make small bolts. I think I have found an effective way (while doing the Deckel parts) to do them completely in the lathe (including the hex). That will require gang-tooling and I'll need to make a fixture for that.


New question. Can your method for casting be used for bronze and cast iron castings also.
Have you ever measured the amount of vacuum you are pulling on the chamber.

Just registered for this forum to express my respect for Nicks work! What kind of amazing skills! Really fascinating.
Any progress lately on this project?
I have really enjoyed following along, eager to see and learn more.