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Jun 18, 2009
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Tarkio, Missouri
About a week ago I was testing a file using Mach4. Evening came and I shut the computer off. Next morning I turn on the computer, launch the Mach4 application and start a file run. About 5 minutes in the machine just stopped. I'm thinking oh no, I had this problem once before. Took me several weeks to figure out where the problem was. But that's another story. So I loaded up the file reset the machine started the file again about seven or eight minutes and it stopped again. Oh s*** and a bunch of the words floating around in my head while I stand there staring at the screen. Then I noticed in the upper left hand corner. It says Mach4 Hobby, that's the problem.

It turns out that overnight the PCID changed.Now it doesn't match the License file. Now that's something I didn't think was possible .Has anyone else ever experienced this phenomena???
No sir. I have been using it for the lathe for a couple years and recently converted over for the mill. Have had no issues with running them. Inital setup was a little tricky because of the new to me software but with the help of the Mach community those things were sorted out and now it just works.

Glad you got it figured out.
It's a issue. On the Mach forum several people have reported
the problem.
olf20 / Bob