Leaky valve guides/seats

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Dec 8, 2020
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Thermopolis Wyoming USA
I recently had a problem with a leaky valve guide/seat. I had problems previously so this time I threaded the head and guide and coated the threads with stud locker on assembly. Went too slow on the first attempt and it locked up before seating, had to make a new head.

Much to my surprise one of my threaded guides on my Kittiwake engine started to leak. I remembered Terry's Offy thread where his liner was leaking and he used Loctite 290 to fix it. I just tried it and it seems to have worked. I was able to apply air pressure to the joint which was good I think. I warmed the assembly to try and open the gap and perhaps make the 290 less viscus-not a good idea as it seemed to just make the Loctite set up too quickly.

Thanks to Terry and I recommend this product to those who suffer a leaky assembly.

John in Wyoming

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