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So are you making Cad drawings for the real parts to be machined ? How do you get from those drawings to the 3D printer ?
Are you just putting the cad drawing into a slicer ? Yep I'm real new to the 3D printer world .
The CAD program I am using is Fusion 360 which is free to the hobbyist. I save to an STL file under the export tab. My 3D printer is a Prusa MK 3 and I use their slicer. I can 3D print as drawn so its worth spending some extra time to get things looking as close as possible. For production of the actual engine components the drawing will be changed where needed for ease of machining.
Don't forget to scale up your pattern parts to allow for shrinkage as the parts cool, both when casting and 3D printing. It took me the LONGEST time to realize that was why my parts were always under-size when I first started 3D printing.