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May 23, 2024
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United States
My name is Justin. I work as a machinist. I stumbled across this community while searching for blueprints to build my own hit-and-miss... Or some other small engine. I'm brand new to engine building, and it is a little intimidating. However, I think I can read a blueprint, and if I could just find the downloads, I bet I could have a go at building an engine!
Welcome Justin.
I had to learn how to machine, and then learn how to make engine parts.

I botched quite a few test parts, but finally got it worked out.

Generally speaking, it took me three or four attempts at making any given part, before I could make a part that was accurate enough to be usable. Same for leaning how to make castings.

I also studied the many build threads here, to learn machining configurations/setups for various engine parts.
I did not know anyone locally who could teach me how to do it, so I learned it all from forums like this one.
With the support that can be found on this forum, you most definitely can build an engine (or many engines, since it can be addictive).

Good luck.

Pat J
Welcome to the forum!

There are a number of free plans, as well as paid plans, for a wide variety of engines. One of the simplest "starter engines" is the Webster - I and many, many others have built one of those. (In my case, I modified the plans to suit the materials and capabilities I had on hand - there is a thread on here titled "Steel Webster" with my plans in it.)

If you dig around this forum, you will come across any number of plans or links to plans for hit 'n miss engines as well.

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