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Rodney Brown

Apr 3, 2019
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Hello Everyone!

I ran across this forum looking for plans on making a rotary broaching tool. The information was solid and I thought I would join up just to not be one of those anonymous lurkers.

No engines in my stable yet, though I've been thinking about starting on one. I'm a grey-haired software developer and spend most days sitting in front of code editors in the home office. When I want a change of scenery, its 12 steps down to the one-car garage-turned-shop where the space is split. One half is wood shop with tablesaw, bandsaw, drill press, jointer, router table, and racks of tools and lumber. The more active half is the metal working gear with a small Nardini lathe, Bridgeport knee mill, mini-lathe, HF bandsaw, tools boxes, and still more racks of hand tools and supplies. No CNC stuff, but I'm too much of a programming geek to not want some someday. Definitely shoe-horned into my little cave.

I've always been a bit of a "maker". Collecting tools and machinery has been a lifelong [passion|mission|obsession|compulsion|?]. My attention for the past decade or two has been competitive Benchrest shooting and the present shop is geared toward building and maintaining hyper-accurate rifles. In fact, the broach tool need surfaced as an idea for making my own hex-enable stock bolts.

From an engine perspective, a plan is slowly emerging from the mist where ideas come from to build a working engine. Probably steam powered in the equivalent of 2-3HP range. The goal is functional: pump water from a ditch to irrigate our grape vines, garden area, and lawn. The engine isn't really necessary -- the task is accomplished with gravity today -- but I'm just functional that way.

Looking forward to browsing the posts and sharing!