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Jan 7, 2010
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I have been lurking for a while and enjoying the forum. I think it is time for me to introduce myself.

I am a retired engineer that worked in the HVAC industry working on unit design, controls and finally data center design and maintenance.

I am interested in machine work from my hobby of restoring old model airplane engines to running condition. These engines go back to the 1930's. Some of them are worn out, especially connecting rods, and take a lot of rebuilding. Rust is also a big problem but I have a good solution for that. My major goal is to be able to make connecting rods and other small bits and pieces. I am making laser cut gaskets now since those spare parts are nonexistent.

I am a member of MECA (Model Engine Collectors Association). See our web site at www.modelenginecollectors.org for more information. I have over 500 engines waiting to be rebuilt. I promised my wife that I would not collect engines but would sell them all eventually. Guess I got to get busy.

Other hobbies include woodworking, computers and reading scifi. I just sold my collection of 5,000 old science fiction books. I got tired for storing them. I am making a walnut hall cabinet for my daughter's new house. She just got married. I also make display stands for my rebuilt engines for collectors.

After installing 1500 PCs and 500 servers, designing and running a disaster recovery system for all of them, I have a tendency to run off at the keyboard. So that is all for now.

where in pa do you live?
I live in Dallastown, just southeast of York, off I-83 13 miles from the Maryland line straight north of Baltimore.

Welcome to our forum. wEc1

Best Regards
I live in Dallastown, just southeast of York, off I-83 13 miles from the Maryland line straight north of Baltimore.

I guess that means those of us that attend Cabin fever will see you at the York County Fair Grounds the weekend of 14-16 January???
You have one of the best engine shows on the east coast in your back yard you need to say YES.
Welcome to the board . Barring the unforeseen plan On being in york that weekend.
I will be at the Cabin Fever show. I live just a 20 minute drive from the fair grounds. I will help man the MECA booth there. Stop by and say hello.

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