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Jan 3, 2011
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Hello all from SE Kansas. I thought I would stop in and make my introductory post. My name is Kevin. I thought it was time to make my first post since I registered here on January 3, 2011 and have already logged 21+ hours reading posts and looking at pictures.

I grew up on a small farm helping my dad engineer, build and repair all of our worn out equipment and the vehicles we drove. While going to college to receive my BS in biology one of the jobs I had was running an antique, paper tape operated CNC, nine head embroidery machine. There were a lot of mechanic skills required to keep that thing in production. After graduation and in between biology jobs I got a job at Chanute Manufacturing where my dad worked as a pipe welder.


I operated their big (40 plus foot) CNC burning table. Sixteen years later I'm still there. From my start in the layout department, I became an ASME certified pipe welder for several years, worked in QC in all departments for several years and am now classified as a fabricator and spend most of my time fitting and TIG welding HRSG tubes.


I'm equipped with a Harbor Freight 9x20 lathe and a drill press and have built a tin can stirling engine. I will be mounting my new 6 inch four jaw chuck next week and plan to build the EZ engine for beginners designed by the members of this board. A small chinese mill may be in my future also but I plan to work with what I have for now and get it properly tooled up. Ultimate goal at some point in the future is to build an IC hit and miss farm type model engine.

I really enjoy my time here looking at what everyone else is doing and hope to contribute where I can.

Welcome Kevin. Sounds like you already know your way around the forum pretty well ;).

Welcome Kevin! I grew up just up the road from you in Burlington Kansas. Unfortunately I no longer reside in the great state of Kansas. My family still lives in Burlington as they have for generations so I do make it back that way from time to time. Welcome aboard, Chris.
Welcome Kevin. Good start on equipment. Remember we really like pictures here. ironman (Ray)
Welcome Kevin. I've often wondered why it isn't pronounced Kan-saw... wEc1

Welcome to the group Kevin and nice to hear from Kansas.

I know exactly where Chanute is as my dad lived near there as a young boy. I grew up on a farm near Hope, KS, but now live in Illinois.

You've joined a good group.




Welcome to our forum. wEc1

Best Regards
Welcome Kevin -

Been a while (about 8 years) but I used to service that burn table when I lived in Coffeyville. Glad to here that Chanute MFG is still in business.

Coffeyville was my second favorite place to live and it wasn't all my choice that got me out of SE Kansas. I kind of like it down here in South Texas as the weather is a bit more moderate, and none of that tornado stuff.

Hi Kevin
Welcome to the forum.

Hi Kevin,
Welcome to the forum!
My great great grandfather was a original homesteader in Osborne county in the 1870's.

Thanks all for the welcome. It's good to hear from some almost locals out here in the middle of nowhere. 8)

Kevin, Welcome, I live in Chanute in the early 60,s. Worked for the Santa Fe. Good to have a neighorso close. hope to get together soon. larry1

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