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Nov 25, 2007
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:DHello, loves steam of friends! I am German hobbies a mechanic and since many years dear I everything which steam unfortunately have I now only the time and the suitable workshop all my Dreams is to implementation. Metalworking is also my occupation. I am workin with a big Milling Machine! I design in CAD and hope also many tips in metalworking give too all.Mein new project centre lathe perhaps am the self-'s building of a small have someone tips or Plans? I do not speak so error free and well English,but i learn more and gives at the forum busy part to take-read and understands the language goes however completely good thus, all the bestfor my friends to England and a good time! Eckhard from the Rhineland in Germany
Guten tag, wellkomen.
Your English is a lot better than my German, but welcome to our totally new home.
I have many fond memories of the times I spent in your beautiful country.

Welcome Bohrwerk. I look forward to your participation.

Wilkommen in Irrenanstalt, Eckhard.

Meine Grosseltern waren in Deutschland geboren so ich kann nur ein Bisschen Deutsch sprechen aber ich kann es nicht so gut schreiben. Besser dass ich in Englisch bleiben.

I worked for a year with ERNO in Bremen as a consultant on the European Spacelab so I have many fond memories of Germany.

It's very nice to see some people from the continent joining in here. Germany has a long and distinguished history in model engineering and precision machine work. We'll be anxious to hear what you have to say.

Herzlich willkommen Eckhard .
Da gibt ist kein Problem mit der Sprache. Brauchst Du Hilfe so werden wir diese schon überwinden. Wier helfen Dir aus. Ich komme vom Westerwald. Betzdorf und Siegen aus dieser Gegend. Bin aber schon 50 Jahre hier in den USA und habe immer noch probleme mit der Rechtschreibung.

Again herzlich willkommen!!
To be thank you for the very friendly Welcome!I at pride with you! Thank you very much and god bless you and your wonderfull Country. Eckhard

ya know... for some strange reason, German is one of the languages my wife and I picked out to learn...