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Dec 7, 2018
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United Kingdom
Hi there!

I've recently picked up the hobby after being given a small lathe for a reasonably cheap price (warco super mini?).
I'm currently working on a small oscillating engine as a first project (this one actually).
I'ts nothing fancy or anything complex, but it's a start and everyone has to start somewhere right?

Never using a lathe before has been a learning curve, but i'm getting there, it's about half way done!
It's a very slow process with a fair few mistakes, getting the lathe jam up for the first time was terrifying, the noise is unforgettable, but fingers crossed that doesn't happen again now I've improved!

So yeah, nice and simple really, i'm taking it slow, building from the basics and eventually building something more impressive.

I've purchased a Kozo book on the "new shay" which i hope to complete at some point, but i'm unsure if my machinery will be able to handle it. I'm just a guy with a small lathe in my garage, though it does have a vertical slide with vice.

If anyone has any experience with that particular book or model i'd love to hear from you.
I certainly hope it can be done on my small lathe!

I look forward to learning more from this site.
Have a great weekend.
Welcome to the forum. Sounds like you're off to a great start, a wobbler is exactly the engine to build to increase your skills. As a warning - this hobby gets very addictive! Enjoy.

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