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Jan 26, 2022
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I’m an American Expat who’s thoroughly enjoying retirement in the tropical paradise of Thailand.

My formal education is in Electronic Engineering. I have Zero formal machine shop training, but I’ve pursued hobby machining most of my life. I appreciate engines of all types but my focus has always been on turbines, both gas and steam. Yes, I have an incurable case of “turbine-itus”.

As I settled into my retirement, I designed and built my own slant-bed CNC lathe and a CNC milling machine which I now use to build my various “toys”, such as my current project; a 3 stage axial flow “steam” turbine. I will post more about this ongoing project in the PLANS and BOILERS sections of this forum. I'm looking forward to discussions with those members with far more experience than myself.

Turbine Parts.pngBlisks & Stator.pngThree Section Burner.JPG