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Apr 2, 2021
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Northern California
I'm a retired engineer who bought a Taig lathe a couple of years ago. Since then I've built a couple of Elmer's engines, a live steam 0-4-0 logging loco to run on O-gauge track, a log car and caboose, a battery electric "diesel" loco with RC controls for the grandkiddos to run, and some tooling accessories for the lathe. Current projects include a 2-4-0 loco similar to one that operated for many years on the "Annie & Mary" in the Redwoods, and Elmer's "Grasshopper Beam" engine. About a month ago I added the Taig milling machine to the shop.

While new to the intricacies of machining model engines, I do have machine shop experience. As a younger man I ran a large hollow spindle Lehman and other machines for a shop supporting the geothermal well drilling at the "Geysers" and natural gas well drilling in the central valley. Later, as an engineer, I set-up and ran an R&D shop with a 13" Leblond Regal, a sweet little Leitz horizontal mill, and a brand new Bridgeport CNC knee mill that I taught myself G-codes on. None of that was any more fun than making engines from scratch in my garage, nor did it require as much skill and knowledge. I'm looking forward to learning from the folks here!
Thanks for the BAEM suggestion. I've considered a membership, seems a good group and may yet join, but the meeting site is about an hour and a half drive away; a bit of a hike plus the usual East Bay traffic.
I'm a retired engineer ........
All of this would have been so much more convincing, if not interesting, with some pics.
Without them PICS we can't swallow all this
It's all hearsay !!!