Gear cutting on mini mill

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I had assumed that the term 'undercut' was being used to describe the gap between the teeth.
Certainly, if one is considering the tooth form, it could be described as 'undercut', but then a square spline is similarly 'undercut'.
I can see how this may have lead Nikhil to question whether the 'undercut' was a myth.
I gave it a try today. 8 mm brass bar, 6 tooth, depth of cut 2.25 mm.
pinion hob.jpg
That is how the pinion looked like after cutting the end off.
Now I have a pinion.

Conclusion : inconclusive :cool: with a disc cutter I would try to cut one round, offset a little and do two more cuts one up one down.
A combination of the slitting saw approach and the normal cutting. It probably will be good enough.