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This was "racing" quite a bit... o_O:eek: but sounded very "right" and no problem whatsoever.
Theoretical feed rate with the 4 mm endmill at 1000 mm/min, and the actual speeds on the machine showed approx. 800mm/min.

The photo shows part from yesterday on the left. With pocket and horrendous number of tool changes.
On the right the part that Jasonb programmed.
Machining time about similar (only for the inside pocket).

Conclusion: This is smoother, probably more process reliable - less tool changes. The adaptive is happy with a "fast machine".

Greetings Timo

p.s. looking at the photo the side wall finish is a tiny bit nicer and less burr on the top, same machine same cutter same material.
That looks better.

Th eadvantage of leaving some axial material during teh adaptive cuts and then doing all finishing with the same tool is that if your height settings are slightly out for the 3 different tools you used you will get steps but as all is finished with one tool at one height setting what toolmarks can be seen are more visual that physical.

The better edge is no doubt due to what I said about the tool not cutting even thicknesses of material in your original, the fine equal depth passes of my contour have helped give a good burr free finish to the vertical sides

To complete the parts I would put some scrap aluminium into the vice, use the hole pattern for four of the smaller holes to drill and tap(manual) so you can screw the part to the scrap block. Then use say a 6mm tool to do an adaptive around the outside , full depth with bottom offset of -0.5mm below bottom of stock, 0.6mm stepover. Again leave 0.3mm radial, zero axial.

Adaptive also for the central hole but with a smaller say 3mm cutter same heights and stock left

Then 2D contour with the same 3mm tool, bottom height -0.4 below bottom of stock. One roughing pass of 0.2mm and final finish at 0.1mm

Example to download , just set tool heights for the spot and tapping drill off the top of the scrap block, rest off workpiece once screwed down

This was this evenings effort cut from a 70mm length of 12 x 12 square mild steel. Abaptive to remove most of the waste, ramp to do outside profile, scallop to do sloping tops to arms and their fillets, pencil to finish fillets.

Can fusion import and modify an stl file? I have files for a model t that I want to modify, scale down, cut in half or 3 pieces so I can 3d print them. They are for a future project and this is the only hold up. I know I couldn't draw them from scratch.
Well my initial call to fusion was a total bust. I explained I have enough experience in solid modeling to probably pick up fusion pretty easily , however the contact just talked in circles I explained I’m not a business and it will be used for home and hobby stuff. Should we decide to go into mfg then we will upgrade licenses as needed i finallyvwas directed to leave a message to someone who is out of the office for some time . Not specified. I then inquired about albre I did get someting back but I’m not even sure what it is . Possibly a free trial that’s all well and good but nothing else sounds like SW SNAFU. Nothing new I’ve seen it before it even happened at a co I worked at that shut us down for a lengthy time 10 engineers sitting on their hands looking at black screens .
I’m a bit disappointed after all the great reviews I’ve heard here. Makes me wonder if I should just break out the hated old drafting tools. Tri angles templates tee square. Slide rule , Turn the computer off . It’s not being a green thing just sitting there . Won’t even keep my coffee warm.
There was a time when I was learning 3D modeling, where I would get frustrated, and just decide to go back to using 2D modeling.

I also went through this phase when I was learning 2D modeling, and decided to go back to manual hand-drafting.

But the bottom line is I cannot go back; I have come too far with 3D modeling.
If I had to go back to designing engines in 2D, I would give up engine building.

I don't like the cloud programs at all, and luckily my Solidworks is a perpetual license that can be used offline.
I do have to upload the key to Solidworks if I need to move SW to another computer, but last time I had to do that, it was a seamless process.

In my mind, its like learning to drive a car, and then trying to go back to riding a bicycle everywhere.
Not impossible to ride a bike everywhere; I did it when I was a kid, but not very feasible for me these days.

Ironically my other son has my old computer that has an operating SW program on it. I did a lot of modeling on it . Once I told other son where to start he has began using it more . Unfortunately he is now 1400 miles away . I should have taken that computer instead of this one I guess but this one did work at one time.
I'm not sure why you went to the bother of contaction Autodesk (Fusion) I just downloaded it and got on with using the "free" version.

Same with Alibre I did not contact them until I wanted to buy, just downloaded the free trial and found I liked it and have been doing all my design work on that since, just using F360 for a bit of CAM
We just discovered that my Microsoft 10 had expired do y’all think this may be the root of my issues with SW ?

We will get Microsoft 11 tonight then I’ll retry SW. we did get the free fusion trial . We were able to start the tutorial late last night basics seem sort of like sw
I have tried a few 3D modeling programs, and watched videos of others, and they all seem to be about the same.

Create or pick a plane, draw a sketch, extrude or cut it, etc.
There are about 5 commands that you generally use over and over, regardless of the program.

When I was learning 3D, I was very surprised to find out that of the hundreds of toolbar buttons available, you generally use about 5 commands for most work involved with designing an engine.

We just discovered that my Microsoft 10 had expired do y’all think this may be the root of my issues with SW ?

We will get Microsoft 11 tonight then I’ll retry SW. we did get the free fusion trial . We were able to start the tutorial late last night basics seem sort of like sw
I see several fusion tutorial books on Amazon. Are theseof value? Or should we just stumble along? We didn’t make much progress but it was pretty late so went to bed. Come back to night. Ran into issues trying to install win 12on laptop. I’d hate to have to take it in but that may be the answer. My late son customized everything so the thing might just be messed up.
Watch these three videos by Lars which should get you started. Couple of things have updated since he did them but basically the same.


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