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Feb 19, 2013
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'Ello from deepest northern Australia where the temperature in the shed is currently about 100F -- and it's raining outside.

I was a machinist and toolmaker many years ago before moving into other careers.
Getting back into it now in the shed with my dad's old 1939 Dummond lathe, and a drill press, hacksaw and box of files. Mill? CNC, who needs it? (Just takes a bit longer by hand)

Have got a couple of old reciprocating steam engines I build as a lad and the remains of a Stirling engine the old man built but never got running, so my next project is to re-create the missing parts (all of it except the 6" flywheel and cranks!) But looking to build a smaller Stirling from existing Jan Ridders plans first to sort out the correct geometry and materials etc for the big 'un.

Having a bit of fun so far refurbishing the old lathe. It has not much wear on the ways etc as it spent most of its life in occasional home hobby use in the old man's shed, after being used in a UK aircraft factory during WW2. Tightened up the adjustable headstock bearings and it is a whole new machine! Remaining job is to make a new halfnut for it on my mate's lathe. Threads on the old one are worn down about ten thou thick, so not long for this world. I found the Yahoo Drummond group so am well on the way there. Only other thing might be to set up a finer feed gear train for it, as at the moment, finishing cuts are all fed by hand using the handwheel at the right-hand end of the leadscrew. I am old-school, but not that old-school!

Great forum y'all have here and I have already picked up loads of good info while lurking.
Welcome aboard, good to see another Aussie here.
Hi Hopper,dont know what the temp was in the shed but it hit 45c outside
Read a few books under the aircon. Bazmak

Yep, 45c sounds like the day for "research". I used to live in Adelaide (Blackwood) so know how it can get down there.
G'day Hopper, Welcome to the forum, ya gotta love the heat we all get here in Oz, 38degc and rain well that's hard core.

Can relate to you'r suffering as I work in the Pilbara and West Kimberly regions, water gets very boring when you drink 10 liters a day or so hey.

Where are you located??? sounds like Northern territory or far north Queensland.

Baz in Perth.

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