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Apr 29, 2020
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Espoo, Finland
Hi all,

Wanted to share some pics and vid of my most recent project: DeLong .29 model diesel engine.

Ken Croft who kindly helped me with the Monsun plans previously donated a superb casting of the ex-Motor Boys project engine the DeLong .29 that he had made in the verge of millenium.

Engine has now been broken in and I have now ran it a total of 18 times and it starts to behave quite nicely. Had to work quite a bit with the fit of the piston and crankcase as I started off from a bit tight side overall just to be sure. This time the CP was a breeze though. In my previous engines I have had a lot of fitting to do with the contra.

Vid has some machining pics and videos and some running aswell. There are a part I also on my yt channel somewhere for the interested.



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Very nice! That is a long tall Sally!
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Hola dónde puedo encontrar planos de ese motor
Here you go. I have the .zip file also if these get scaled down too much.


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  • Delong Diesel Sheet 1.jpg
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